The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is the US regional organization of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

Our matches are sanctioned by these organizations. Matches are held all over the USA and the World.

 USPSA/IPSC matches combine drawing from a holster, rapid engagement of multiple targets both paper and steel. Performing reloading of the handgun under time constraints, quick movement between shooting positions. Shooting through, around, over, and under walls and props of all types.  You are given a shooting situation to analyze and solve as quickly and accurately as possible.

USPSA is largely “run and gun”! Targets are man-sized silhouettes and (knock-down) steel at ranges from 2 feet to 50 yards. Scoring is based on the accuracy of target hits, time taken to complete the course, and the power (caliber and muzzle velocity) of the handgun used. It's fun to watch, and even more fun to do!

 IPSC competition allows you to enjoy recreational competition with your handgun while developing your gun handling skills. You compete against shooters with similar handguns:

Is it safe?

Yes! USPSA matches Worldwide have an enviable record of safety over the years. Safety rules are strictly enforced! An experienced Range Officer closely supervises each competitor while shooting a course of fire. Firearms are handled and loaded only on the firing line, and at the Range Officers Command.  Safety violations can result in Match Disqualification.

But I don’t know the rules…

As with any competition, we have our rulebook. At your first match, we’ll give you a familiarization session, identifying the safety rules and key competition rules. We’ll pair you with an experienced USPSA shooter who stay with you through your first match, give you advice, and answer all your questions. The Range Officer at each course of fire will talk you through each step of preparing for each course of fire, and will watch you carefully while you shoot. We want your first match to be a safe and enjoyable experience (and we have all had a first match!)

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need an expensive, custom-built handgun: you can likely shoot what you already have! The handgun used must be 9mm/.38 caliber or larger. Although revolvers are at a disadvantage on many courses of fire, you can have just as much fun shooting them as shooting a semi-automatic handgun. You will require enough magazines or speedloaders to hold at least 32 rounds (more is better!). You will need a holster that completely covers the trigger guard, and magazine holders for your belt. Each match will require a minimum of 100 rounds (bring 150 - 200).

Hearing and eye protection is mandatory!

For a more detailed explanation of each division please feel free to click the links below.